CapriGem Nigerian Dwarfs

Registered Dairy Goats in PA

Maplewood Hill Top Echo Bay

DOB: 3-5-2014   Barn name: Bay    Height: 20 1/2 inches

Progeny Retained

Kidding History:

2015- 1 buck kid (Caprigem BR Picasso)

2016- 1 doe kid (Caprigem BR Picasso)

2017- 1 buck kid (Caprigem BR Picasso)

2018- 1doe kid 1 buck kid (End Of The Line Boomerang)

Bred to:


Show wins:

ADGA Western Reserve DGA -Nigerian Specialty (5-17-14) 2nd, 3rd Best 3 Jr   Judge: Kirt Schnipke

ADGA Western Reserve DGA  (5-18-14) 2nd Judge: Don Bergfield

ADGA WPDGA  (6-7-14) 4th Judge: Todd Biddle

ADGA WPDGA  (6-7-14) 4th Judge: Pete Snyder

ADGA PDGA  (6-21-14) 4th Judge: Katie Wolf

 ADGA PDGA (6-21-14) 4th Judge: Anne McKeever Clagett

ADGA FDGA  (6-21-14) 2nd Judge: Paul Kempe Jr.

 ADGA FDGA (6-21-14) 2nd Judge: Anne McKeever Clagett

ADGA WPDGA (6-2-18) Grand Champion - 1st Leg Judge: Cynthia A. Shelley

Dam's 2nd freshening udder

( CH Laurel Haven Echo)

2015 ANDDA Reserve All American ( 1 year and under 2 years)

Bay's Pedigree:

                          SSSS: Twin Creeks Brave Heart *S

                SSS: ARMCH TX Twincreeks BH Baywatch ++ *S E ++B

                          SSSD: MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D E

      SS: Proctor Hill Farm BW Arcticbay *B *S AI

                         SSDS: Kaapio Acres SF Dude        

                 SSD: SGCH Spring Fever Callista *D AR VEEE 90 1*M

                         SSDD: Brush Creek Colleen

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Montego Bay

                         SDSS: Spring Run Haiku's Yoshi

                SDS: MI Sugarcreek YO Toshiba

                         SDSD: CH MI Sugarcreek VL Western Tunes

     SD: Proctor Hill Farm TO Noelle 3*M

                        SDDS: Gay-Mor Domino's Mantis ++B

              SDD: Sugar Creek MT Nellie 2*M

                        SDDD: WGS Sally 1*M


                        DSSS: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S E ++B

              DSS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S E 90 ++B

                         DSSD: Rosasharn's UK Witch Hazel 5*D VG

    DS: NC PromisedLand RC Hoss *S *B

                        DSDS: SG NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S ++B

             DSD: SGCH NC PromisedLand Beau-nanza 2*M 5*D VG88

                        DSDD: PromisedLand HS Zinnia 4*D 1*M

Dam: CH Laurel Haven EcHo

                       DDSS: SG NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S ++B

              DDS: NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau *S VG 88

                       DDSD: Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie *M 3*D

    DD: NC PromisedLand RB Eazy

                       DDDS: PromiedLand CP Seymore Spots *S 

            DDD: NC PromisedLand SS Este Una VG86

                      DDDD: PromisedLand CAD This One