CapriGem Nigerian Dwarfs

Registered Dairy Goats in PA

Everspring OB On-esty

DOB: 3-18-15 ADGA Registered  Height: 21"

On-esty has earned her dry leg 2016!

1st Doe Pulled out for top 20 in the Nigerian Dwarf 3 year old class at 2018 ADGA National Show Columbus, Ohio.(19th out of 65 in her age class)


Kidding History

2017- 1 doe kid and 2 buck kids (Freedom Star SOR Thaddeus *B)

2018- 2 doe kids and 1 buck kid (Caprigem Frisco Bay)

2019- 2 doe kids and 1 buck kid (Gibson Farm DF Parkour *B)

Bred to:


On-esty's Pedigree:

                                                                 SSSS: Caesar's Villa BB Rebel Yell *S

                                                     SSS: Fairlea Jean-Luc Picard *S

                                                                 SSSD: GCH Fairlea Marguerite 4*D 4*M

                        SS: Phoenix Rising Sampson *B

                                                                 SSDS: Old Mountain Farm Stag +B

                                                    SSD: SG Old Mountain Farm Tatianna 4*M

                                                                SSDD: SG NC PromisedLand Deviant Seven 3*M 6*D

Sire: End of the Line Boomerang

                                                                SDSS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini 'E' 90.4 +B

                                                   SDS: Fairlea Hamlet +*B  *S 'E'

                                                               SDSD: ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D 'E' 1*M

                        SD: God's Love Farm H Sadie

                                                               SDDS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B

                                                  SDD: Kids Coral LB Blue Jewel 2*D AR

                                                              SDDD: MCH Swanson Doemain Arianna *D


                                                              DSSS: NC Prosedland RC Bonafide  *S  ++*B (ADGA Elite Buck)

                                                 DSS:  Dill's BF Emerson Drive *B

                                                             DSSD: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M (ADGA Elite Doe) 2013 ADGA National Show Reserve Champion

                       DS: Maplewood Hill Top Just Wally

                                                             DSDS: Avian Acres LKR Don Juan 

                                               DSD: Proctor Hill Farm Sheezacutie

                                                            DSDD: Hill County's  Sheez All That *D

Dam: Maplewood Hill Top Bling it On

                                                           DDSS: CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S *B

                                              DDS: Wood Bridge Farm Wewillywinkle

                                                          DDSD: Wood Bridge Farm Viola Lolla

                     DD: Maplewood Hill Top WW Bling

                                                          DDDS: Buttin'Heads Sonic Hero

                                            DDD: Wood Bridge Farm Whippoorwill

                                                          DDDD: CH Sugar Creek PT Ring-neck Dove 2*D

On-esty as a yearling.