CapriGem Nigerian Dwarfs

Registered Dairy Goats in PA

                                                 Captured Moments

On this page I will put assorted photos that I find interesting or entertaining.

 The 2 that started it all...

Here are my very first goats. Nutmeg (brown chamoisee),

 and her wether brother Eli ( black and white).


 Here they are at 7 weeks old.

 And again at 7 months old.



Goats at shows/fairs...

Showing is exhausting work!

Lily and Nutmeg take a snooze after the show 



 Tawny, Hazelnut, and Faith are lined up/resting like the 3 amigos that they are.



Here are Lily and Nutmeg again, they are best buds, can you tell? 


The girls waiting ringside to show at the 2014 Western Reserve Dairy Goat Show in Burton, Ohio

 Laurel (LaLa) dressed up for Halloween. She even went trick or treating!

Off to their new homes...


It is sad to see them leave,

but it is great seeing the smiles they bring to their new families!

Demi and Gennie with their "Dad" Gil, getting a hay ride.

Gil and Paddy going for a ride.


 The Wentz Family picking up Tanner, he is going to be a herdsire.


 Brittney and Aaron with Nutter Butter and Riptide.


Here is Faith S. with her new goats Dahlia and Thistle.

Dahlia will be her 4-H show goat.



Here is Melinda with her new girls (Hazelnut & Faith)

Here are Hazelnut and Faith ready for their ride to their new home in Ohio. Thanks Kaufman Family!


Mocha and Orchid get cozy for their ride home with the Gault Family.

Click here to see Incredible Hoof-Shaking CapriGem does at their new home. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are wonderful!

Happy at home...                      

We adore our goats, and they seem to think that we are okay too ♥ 

Here I am sitting in the doe pen.


Here is my sister (co-herd caretaker) saying hello to the bucky boys.